Columbus Flavor | Architectural Images from side projects & PhotoWalks

I’m slowly trying to get to know the BEAutiful city of Columbus again. With the weather breaking, I’ve had the chance to spend some time in the city. I look

What’s in the water? | Staff Images

As a freelance photographer I try and do what I can to help with each aspect of a company. Whether it’s architectural and landscape photography or staff portraits I approach

PGA TOUR | Player Experience

The PGA TOUR and the TPC Network of courses have teamed up with MasterCard to give individuals a unique opportunity to experience what its like to be a PGA TOUR

Marietta College | Harrison Hall Project

Marietta College is located in the southeast portion of Ohio. It sits just a few blocks from Downtown Marietta and the Ohio River, and is a contemporary liberal art college.

Columbus Zoo I Barn Relocation Phase 1

The Columbus Zoo is expanding the Zoo grounds and has hired Structural Erectors to  dissemble the historic barn that sits behind the original farm house. The barn was first assemble in

Structural Erectors I Interior Residential Architectural Photography

Interior images of a room addition with architectural beams. Structural Erectors is the regional expert in structural wood products. From Heavy Timber and Glue-Lam to Bamboo and Steel they do

The John Gilbert Reese Center I OSU Newark, OH Campus

The John Gilbert Reese Center is home to The Alford Performing Art Hall and is located in Newark Ohio. The center on the OSU Newark Campus is a beautiful building

Ariel Hall I COTC Mount Vernon, OH Knox Campus

Nestled in the mist of downtown Mount Vernon, Ohio Ariel Hall is home to Central Ohio Technical College. This Facility is state of the art and features several unique design

The Wolfe Center | Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green State University’s new center for the arts is one of several new state of the art facilities on campus. The Wolfe Center features several unique architectural qualities that set