“Dunes Sunset” | Death Valley National Park – Death Valley, California

A different look of the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes in Death Valley National Park

“Half Moon Bay” | Cayman Islands

Some times in life you just need to get away! Thankfully our parents had planned a trip to Grand Cayman Island and brought us along. Although the island is relatively

“Labor Day” | Ohio River & Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio

Image taken during the WEBN Cincinnati Fireworks located on the Ohio River Between Cincinnati, Ohio and Newport, Kentucky.

“Sunset Ruby Beach” | Ruby Beach – Forks, Washington

Image taken along the shore line of Ruby Beach located in Forks, Washington. Evening sunset as a storm approached Olympic National Park. After I put Diana on a plane New

“Twin Reflection” | Mystic Lake Mt Rainier – Mineral, Washington

Image taken at the base of Mineral Mountain and along the north shore of Mystic Lake as the sun was setting. Northern area of Mt. Rainier National located in Mineral,

“Nature Composed” Mt Rainier National Park – Mineral, Washington

Image taken of early morning backcountry and West Fork Creek that feed Mystic Lake. Clear water from Carbon Glacier, Mt. Rainer National Park located in Mineral, Washington

“OZ” | Mt Rainier National Park – Ashford, Washington

Image taken at dawn after a storm had passed over Mt. Rainier. Southwest facing shot from Van Trump Park Located on the south west side of Mt. Rainier in Ashford,

“Smoky Waters” | Smoky National Park – Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Image taken along the Middle Prong Creek and Ramsey Cascade Trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Located near Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Just this past weekend we headed down to Gatlinburg,

“The Source” | Zion National Park – Hurricane, Utah

This is an image taken at The Subway in Zion National Park located in Hurricane Utah.

“Untitled” | Mount Rainier National Park – Mineral, Washington

Image taken along the shore line of Mystic Lake on the north base of Mineral Mountain and Mount Rainier. Finally a trip built around backpacking and photography. We shot Mt.

“Pacific Flow” | Shi Shi Beach – Clallam, Washington

This image was taken on a trip to Shi Shi Beach on the cost of Washington.

Destin Vacation

This was a family vacations with a few mornings and one evening of photography mixed in. I should have taken advantage and spent more time shooting….oh well i came away