“The Unknown” | Death Valley National Park – Death Valley, California

Image taken of the badlands at Zabriskie Point. This is part of Amargosa Range located among the east portion of Death Valley National Park, Death Valley, California.

“Oken Beach Remains” Destin, Florida

Image taken at twilight along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and Oken Beach located in Destin Florida.

“Ocean Treasures” | Shi Shi Beach – Clallam, Washington

Image taken on the shores of Washington State and Shi Shi Beach. The Point of The Arches in the Background. Located near Olympic National Park and in Clallam, Washington.

“Lower Comet Falls” | Mt Rainier National Park – Ashford, Washinton

Image taken at the base of Comet Falls along the Van Trump Park Trail in the south west portion of Mt. Rainier National Park. The Trail Head is close the

“Sun Above” | Zion National Park – Hurricane, Utah

Image taken as the sun peaked over the canyon walls of Zion National Park. Located near the famous Subway section of Zion in Hurricane, Utah

“Evening Masquerade” | Mt Rainier National Park, Ashford, Washington

Image taken along Emmons Vista Trail Located near Sunrise in Mt. Rainier National Park, Ashford, Washington

“Triple Fall” | Hocking Hills State Park – Logan, Ohio

Image taken right outside Old Mans Cave in Hocking Hills. Early morning flow from a stream that runs to Ash Cave located in Hocking Hills Sate Park Logan, Ohio

“Water Fall” | Zion National Park, Hurricane, Utah

Image taken of a water fall cracking through the canyon walls of Zion National Park. Near the Narrows portion of the park.

“Rays of Light” | Hocking Hills State Park – Logan, Ohio

Image taken of sun rays bleeding through the tree cover near Old Mans Cave. Located in Hocking Hills State Park near Login, Ohio.

“Mystic Lake” | Mt Rainier National Park – Mineral, Washington

Image taken of shore line at Mystic Lake. A great setting along the northern trail of Wonderland accessed from the Carbon River Entrance of Mt. Rainier National Park, located in

“Rum Point” | Cayman Island

Image taken along the north shore of Grand Cayman near Rum Point