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Ohio Architectural Photographer – Year in Review – 2023

I couldn’t be more excited to share that 2023 was another great year of personal and creative growth! Loaded with exciting new architectural photography projects!

For someone who captures architectural and design, people and events for OTHERS…I wish I could capture more behind the scenes footage of “US”! We did our best to try and share some BTS moments but the maintenance becomes overbearing 🙂 **Big shout out here to all you Marketing Managers who work to collect, categorize and share content all day and every day! If you know, you know, as they say.

Here is a short run down of what we were up to last year…. #Blessed

FYI… every year does not always bring more either, but it does traditionally bring different, which is what draws us into this career and excites us every time we earn new opportunities. In 2023 we got to spend a good amount of time on the road, but also plenty of time here in Ohio. From architectural photography projects in Versailles for Midmark HQ, to the Toledo Cancer Clinic, 5th Thirds corporate HQ at Fountain Square in Cincinnati, VEGA North American HQ in Mason, Ohio, and Ferrari of MAG in Dublin we enjoyed all of them. Plus, several residential design and other commercial and interior design photography projects throughout Ohio.

The photography projects nationally always up the “different” scale as well. They also confirm our commitment and relationships with our local clients. Without their support and belief in us, most of these opportunities would not be available. On that note, who doesn’t like spending time in Washington DC with Fidelity, or Rockefeller plaza in New York with Fifth Third, Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Raleigh, Galen University in Florida, Capital One in Atlanta, Alabama A&M Arena, plus Forcepoint in Austin to The Cooper House at the University of Kentucky.

Now if I could only show a video of all the comedy that happens before, between and after the shutter is pressed!!! 

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